Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aaron's First Birthday!!

Aaron turns one tomorrow, but his birthday party was this last weekend. Susan asked if I would make Aaron an Elmo cake(to go with the whole Elmo theme) and of course I said yes. I tried a new vanilla cake recipe as well as a new butter cream icing. The cake was good, but not the best. I made the cake two layers with an Elmo figure on top.  I made the Elmo out of rice crispy treats molded and covered in Fondant. I was worried that my red looked more pink, but it turned out nicely. Now I know it's not the best Elmo, but it's not bad for the first character I've attempted to make. =]

My next project is my bake sale!  Lots of delicious treats being sold to help end childhood hunger in America! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oreo Balls

Ushir had been bugging me for weeks about making oreo balls for him to take to work.  I finally made them for him, and of course they were a big hit at work.  =]    So the thing with oero balls is that they are REALLY difficult to make. There's the oreos, the cream cheese and the almond bark.

First, you crush the oreos in a food processor then mix in the cream cheese. It works best if you use your hands.

Next, you roll the mixture into balls(or whatever shape you want, i guess.)  Refrigerate for an hour to let them firm up.

Next is the almond bark. I melt it in the microwave, mixing it every 20-30 seconds.  Now all that's left is to dip the oreo balls into the almond bark and let them sit and dry on wax paper.  See, SO HARD!

My next big "creation" is Aarons 1st birthday!  I've got to start planning his Elmo cake! Stay tuned =]