Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Courtney's Birthday Cake

Courtney's birthday is on Memorial day and she asked me to make her cake. Of course I said yes.  I also went on a camping trip that weekend. =]   So I baked the cake Friday night before we left. I had planned on being back home around 2 on Monday so that I would have time to fill and decorate it. It didnt work out that way.. We ended up leaving Lake George around 2, which meant we would be home around 5. The party started at 3, but Courney was fine with me being a little later.  So we are driving home and decide to stop and eat. Then got rear ended at the toll booth. Plus Memorial Day traffic.  I ended up getting home around 630.  I had to fill and decorate as fast as I could (without completely sacrificing the design..)   I finally finished and got to the party around 9pm. Only 6 hours late.  =]   Courtney was a good sport.  She loved the cake, and everyone enjoyed a late snack.    It didn't turn out exactly as planned, but such is life.  =]

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