Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My first delivery alone!

Hola!  So on Saturday, I made a cake for a bridal shower. It was a four tier cake with sea shells cascading down the front. We didn't put any of the shells or sand on until we got to the venue, to make sure everything would be in place.  So I went on the delivery with the delivery kid(they also ordered a dessert bar) without another pastry chef.  We left the bakery, drove about 10 minutes, and then realized we didn't have the sand for the cake. So we turned around, drove back to the bakery to get the sand, and left again for the restaurant.  We were supposed to be there by 12 to set up because the party started at 1. Well, we ended up getting there at 1:10. =/  So we go in and I start puting the shells on the cake while the delivery kid sets up the dessert bar with the wedding planner.  The tables were in the same area as the guests were seated for lunch, so I had to decorate the cake with everyone glancing over to see. Nervous...lol   I finished the cake about 20 minutes later and the bride-to-be came over to see it. She said it was exactly what she wanted, so it was all good.  So that's how my first delivery by myself went!   More to come!

Also, here are pics of a couple other cakes from the last couple weeks.

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  1. Your script looks so great! The cakes look awesome!