Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recreational Class

This last weekend I didn't have class because of Columbus Day, but did volunteer to help with a recreational class. The class was on Red Velvet Cake.  Another student and I were the two volunteers who helped Chef Kathryn with the class.  Though I would like to think that I was a huge help, I didn't actually do that much.  Red Velvet cake isn't too complicated, so everyone had a fairly easy time figuring it out. We used two different recipes for the cake, one that used red food coloring and one that used beets. If you didn't already know, beets don't add any flavor, just color.  We also made two kinds of icing, a cream cheese frosting and a milk based frosting.  They turned out very good.

So this coming weekend, I've got a paper due and my first quiz! The paper is my critique of a few different bakeries.  I tried Monkey Bread from a local bakery in Ridgefield, and it was really good, until i bit into a piece of pastry brush.  =/    

Well that's all for now, I'll let you know how next weekend goes!

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