Sunday, October 3, 2010

This weekend at I.C.E.

So Saturday was Evan's third birthday party and I made him a cake. His party was at the aquarium, so I made a cake with turtles, crabs and dolphins. I also made cupcakes with fish on them. I started making the decorations on Wednesday, started baking on Thursday and finished the cake Friday night.  I went to wrap the cake on Friday night and dropped the roll of cling wrap on top of the cake. At 11:30pm. The night before Evan's party. And I had to be up at 5 to go to school.  So I had to bake a new top tier and make another batch of frosting, and of course I didn't have all of the ingredients. I met Michelle who brought me some Crisco and vanilla. Life saver!  =]  So I baked the cake, had to let it cool, re-iced it and decorated it. I finished around 1:30 which was earlier than I thought it would be. Everyone seemed to enjoy the cake, which is always a good thing. =]

So Saturday at school we made Panna Cotta, Gelle, marshmallows and Soufflé.  I got to bring the Soufflé and marshmallow home and everyone liked them. I brought the Gelle and panna cotta home tonight but no one has tried it yet, so we'll see. =]  I sliced my finger open cutting a lemon in class. It looked a lot worse than it was, because it wouldn't stop bleeding. I bled through about five band aids/gauze wraps. It's all good now though, no worries.

Today at school, we walked to six bakeries in Manhattan and had to buy and critique something from every place.  It was fun, but tiring. We went to Baby Cakes, a vegan bakery, and it was pretty cool. Most of the cupcakes we tried weren't very tasty(no dairy or gluten) but a couple were really good. Now I'm supposed to use whatever my budget allows to go to as many bakeries I can and taste test in the next year. Not sure I can handle that much sugar. =]  This afternoon in class we just practiced butter-cream piping.  We had to make rosets and shells. not as easy as it looks. lol  

Well that's all that happened this week! There are no classes next weekend(Columbus Day) but I am helping my instructor with a recreational class, making red velvet cake.  I've got my first test in two weeks too! =/

Wish me luck!   =]


  1. The Cake looks amazing!!! And I want some of that red velvet :-)

    No wonder u sliced half of your fingers of. Wuesthof are the BEST knives out there (cuz they r German of course) :-)

    And the soufflés rocked. The Coconut was the best, eventho I am a chocolate fan!

  2. Amanda, I love the blog! I like that you are letting us know how classes are going. YOur cakes look absolutely beautiful!

  3. I want some soufflé!

  4. Way to drop the saran wrap! I mean that must have been terrible, I'm sorry. I can help you taste test if it gets to be too much sugar for you, just send the extras my way. And as far as your class creations, I would taste those as well, so feel free to include some of those ;)

  5. hope you don't cut your finger...oh wait, you did... :-)